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Zen or Tonic : enter the sphere of well-being

Reinvigorating, listening and kindness …

Enjoy the gentility of Concasty in the heart of restorative and energizing nature.
Thanks to the generosity and professionalism of her therapist friends, qualified and renowned, Martine invites you to enter her rejuvenating enclave
Meet Solange, Robert and Adon …

Chi kong methodology provided by Adon

Discovery experience of Chi kong, long life practice of Chinese Taoist. Through a simple gesture, fast or slow, with a deep breath, Adon offers a guided return to oneself, an experiment of upright natural movements of the body ; from the rippling of the column to the opening-closing of the joints, from the extension of the muscles, tendons, to an awareness of the interior spaces as well as exterior. Open to everyone, the key principles being shared kindness and trust.

Adon Oulié  0627740423

« Discovery » package :
Basic principles – learning a movement and then possible developments.

One hour session: 60 € for 1 to 6 people.

« Initiation » package :
Time of awareness and exploration of the basic principles.
Two hours session: 110 € for 1 to 6 people.

Restrictions :
Because of the therapeutic aspect of the practice, certain information must be communicated in order to more accurately take into account the person concerned ; please inform the therapist of any life event such as pregnancy, bereavement, accident or recent surgery, hip or knee prosthesis, inflammation, fever, anxiety, fracture… (non-exhaustive list)

Care provided by Stéphanie

Graduate of I.F.Y. ( Institut Français de Yoga)
Yogathérapeute gratuate of Yoga Vaidya Sala – Chennai – INDE
(Dr N Chandrasekaran) and of Formation Yoga Bernard BOUANCHAUD

Stéphanie Issaulan : –

Prices :

Ayurvedic massages
Head, Neck, Shoulders Massage : 30mn, 30€

Face massage : 20mn, 20€

Back massage : 30 mn, 30€

Abhyanga massage (with oils), whole body : 1h30, 60€

Udvartanam (dry, powder) massage, full body : 1h, 60€


Individual Yoga Course :

1h to 1h30 : 20€

Group Yoga Course (2 to 5 people)

1h to 1h30 : 15€/pers

Yogatherapy session : 40€

Individual Yoga Course

Stéphanie will guide you in the practice of Yoga, according to the teaching of the lineage of Sri Krishnamacharya and her son T.K.V. Desikachar, according to the tradition of South India.
During 1h to 1h30, you will discover, or deepen, the practice of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and mantra chants to find the tranquility and serenity of being, establish peace of the body and of the spirit, enjoy a time of return towards oneself. The practice can be done individually or in a group of 2 to 5 people.

Yogatherapy session

Trained in yogatherapy with Dr. N. Chandrasekaran, Stéphanie will meet your therapeutic expectations through an individual interview, the implementation and practice of yoga postures tailored to you, your needs, your particular pathologies.
This approach, which evolves over time, requires a ritual of daily practice. The approach of yogatherapy is part of a process of autonomy of healing, the individual becoming the actor of thieir own healing through a regular daily practice.


Also exercising a paramedical activity, it is important that you contact Martine to let her know your Yoga related needs so that Stéphanie can make provision to be available where required.

But also …

The parkland at Concasty, vast and shaded, welcomes all to the pleasures of the water with its swimming pool flanked with a kaleidoscope of flowers and shrubbery.

Look up to the sky … the large meadow just in front of the House is the departure point for spectacular hot air balloon flights … new sensations and discoveries guaranteed accompanied by the friendly crew of Pierre.
Why not take part in a spot of gardening with Mathieu, my gardener friend who offers training in permaculture … sample delicious fruits grown without any trace of pesticide, commune with nature, take a moment of reflection and feed the soul – treat yourself to some « time out ».

Have a game of pétanque with friends or frolic with the children! Wander off on the hiking trails discovering the vantage points of the hills of Boisset, with views of the valleys beyond. Have a chat with the locals, understand the agriculture of today and its challenges or simply breathe in the fresh air and let yourself be soothed by a morning breeze, cheered by a rising sun, delighted by the song of a bird …

And above all … let’s never forget that it is « so sweet to do nothing » … to let your mind wander languishing under an apple tree, or dip into one of the many books in the library and sore to the past, present, future …